Thursday, March 11, 2010

little designers

the girls in my sewing class have finished another project...

the project was quick, pretty easy, and super fun
(though i never thought i'd see so much POLYESTER in my studio! ha!)
their choices in fabrics perfectly matched their personalities and all they talked about the whole time was where they were going to put them/ what they would use them for in their bedrooms.
one girl is even getting her own room for the first time and was thrilled to have her first addition.

not only are they learning to sew, but developing their own little interior design perspectives.

i love it!


rikshaw design said...

you are soo darn talented..thats it-- i gotta make these with rikshaw fabric..actually i need to get these made..if i sent you fabric will you and your girls make it?

Sarah said...

OF COURSE I will make some for you in Rikshaw fabrics... OMG they would be AMAZING!
Seriously, send it my way and I'll have them to you ASAP!

Starfish and Sundresses said...

Hi Sarah, I just found you through the Neo-Traditionalist and wanted to stop by and say hello to a fellow Cape Codder! Your clothes (and puppy) are incredibly adorable! xx

beth gales said...

Oh these are so cute! Wish I had alittle girl to make them with!

urban craft said...

I love it too!
I want to make a floor pouf.
Looks like so much fun!