Tuesday, October 5, 2010

ooh la louis!


sofia coppola is back with more for her line for louis vuitton...
this signature bag is per.fec.tion!


don't you think?


Emily said...

This bag is amazing in RED! A timeless and blast of cool color for ANY outfit!Wonder if there are any good cheap knock offs!:)

Sarah said...

if that red SC bag makes it into your closet, it MUST be left to me in your will. with the purple bottega. NOT. KIDDING.
send a note to ANNNNDY ASASP regarding.

no no NO to knock offs.
HORRIBLY abusive industry- 5year old with broken legs hand stitching- NOT kidding. pay up or save up ONLY.

Jennifer said...

what I wouldn't to for one of those bags I tell ya!
I just found you via Rustic Rooster. Love your blog :)

BCOME said...

definitely it is ... and we all should consider to walk and look back like this, in case someone is taking a pic from behind ;-)
Thanks for sharing!