Wednesday, October 20, 2010

power boost

i have always considered myself a morning person-
rising early and popping out of bed.
there is something about fall...
and the dreaded alarm (going off for my teacher-husband)
that makes me want to hiebernate under the comforter.

so today
after i got up to share breakfast
and make lunch
i headed back
to bed
with my tea and laptop
for time with my google reader.

it was out of juice.
i picked up my book.

the book that had been on my wish list
and was an out-of-nowhere surprise gift
from said husband a few weeks back.
is now my fall-morning project.

what a wonderful way to start the day...
a book. and tea. in bed. (with nellie- shhhh, don't tell)

and when 7:30am came around
i was charged up, inspired and happy to start my day.


rikshaw design said...

look at that snuggle bunny

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Elyse {Pretty. Happy. Busy.} said...

Being awake, but staying in a cozy bed and not feeling bad about it is the best! I am also wanting to read The Happiness Project... I just might have to follow your lead. Glad I stumbled on your blog!-elyse