Wednesday, September 4, 2013


 photo nursingweb_zps2ceb5778.jpg
nursing this babe
in a jumble of pillows
our bare skin
in the milky early morning sun
a coolness of fall, nearly begun
and raindrops 
whispering good morning
while lulling us
back to sleep


these moments.
of motherhood
motherhood !
they are thick with joy
but they are going. too. fast.
i'm feeling desperate
to pause.
and float around in each second.

i've always been
running ahead
always waiting and wanting for the next day, year, milestone...
my mum used to warn me not to "wish my life away"-
at three i was begging for kindergarten and soon after, for so long, all i wanted was to turn 30 (!)
to get married, to own a home, for babies...

but now
here i am-
a baby
our baby
deep asleep on my chest
life feels 
just. right.

it feels
like what i've been waiting 
my whole life for...


Leandre said...

happy beyond happy for you and all your joy.

i too loved every minute of new baby bliss. so much softness, so much warmth, light and love. funny how the really, really important stuff finally slows us down.

Blair Connolly said...

hearts melting over here. cannot get enough of your motherhood joys!

mom said...

Enjoy EVERY minute !

Emily said...

The real deal Sarah, the real deal... perspective on all the things that seemed to matter!

Talley said...

Sarah! your words echo my thoughts exactly. I'm trying to submerge too, to treasure every little moment. Funny as it sounds I miss Alice when she's napping. Thinking of you and Emily and sending lots of love!