Tuesday, November 3, 2009

28 wishes

a totally self-indulgent post...
officially less than a month before my 28th (wow-jeeze!) birthday...
but hey, a girl can dream, right?

1. a certain house
3. 2010(!) linda + harriet wall calendar
4. enough already- an iphone
5. canon 5D, baby... ooooh, yeah....
6. tucker blouse. love.
7. winter boots- dog walking must
8. my long-sought-after "wings" photo
9. glass tea mugs
10. 20-class CORE card- to try and keep away that winter 10
11. new jeans- motivation for #10
12 polaroid slr 690 for some vintage lovin'
13. dream towel- because it reminds me of summer, and how i fell in love...
15. inspiration- design for children
16. mermaid notepad- grocery lists just got so much cooler
17. THE book of 2009
18. surf art
19. my mother was right... i should have registered for china
20. cozy, with a hint of sexy
21. some love for penelope- chic leash
22. chambray perfection
23. want. need. love. macbook pro.
24. uppercase subscription
25. gillian flats. angelina approved.
26. interior inspiration
27. brass. spike. bracelet. helllllloooooo.....
28. tiny floral print scarf. layering MUST.

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