Thursday, November 19, 2009

5 fab gifts

i met catherine, of rikshaw design, last year at a trade show and i was immediately i was blown away by her gorgeous products, and how friendly she was. seriously, she's got it all going on...

not only is she gorgeous, and unbelievably stylish...

but her line of block printed bedding for children is off. the. hook.

rikshaw just introduced twin sizes, but i'm still hoping for some full size sets
shower curtains!
can you imagine?!?

well, this cool chick has a super chic blog that gives me dreams of glamour, even when i'm blogging from bed in sweats.
so, i was blown away and over-the-top excited when she asked me to participate in her "5 fab gifts" series.
check my suggestions out today!

1 comment:

rikshaw design said...

you are too sweet..
honey, f/q duvets available this spring..just let me know what ya need!
shower curtains are on the radar!