Monday, November 30, 2009

sewing class: project one

i started teaching kids sewing classes in my studio here in providence last spring. after a fall of the flu, the girls were ready and rearing to start up again earlier this month.
i wanted to do a project that required pretty basic sewing skills to get them going again, but also something that would get their creative juices flowing.
with just a two meetings before thanksgiving day, the girls pulled out some pretty unbelievable table runners (and managed to keep them a surprise from their moms!)...

i pulled a bunch of festive, fall-like fabrics from good ol' jo-ann's and had the girls start by sketching. they assigned each fabric a colored pencil and went to work designing their own patterns for the runner, which was put together like a quilt-top.

we made a team effort of cutting the pieces, they arranged them according to their diagrams and got busy sewing. and ironing. and sewing. and ironing. ironing. ironing...

once the top pieces all came together, they pressed it all again, sewed on a backing n their favorite fabric (the one with sparkles, of course!), turned them inside out, pressed again and stitched the bottoms closed.

the girls were THRILLED with their results, moms almost in tears, and, i have to say, i was blown away as well. they were GORGEOUS.

off to plan week three...

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