Thursday, November 5, 2009


i have long oogled the louis vuitton "sac plat" not just because it is classic chic, but more for the size and shape. a magazine tote. the perfect size to carry around your news stand purchases. brilliant.
i'm not quite the label-sportin' type (not to mention the LV is a bit out of my budget), so when I saw this fun printed canvas at purl, i thought it would be perfect for carting around my clipboards, steno pads and magazine pulls.
clearly i wouldn't be carting this around paris, but for my daily life here in providence, it is perfectly fun!
using the LV bag's measurements, i set out to make my own version.
lined with lecien dots
this was a one-day project, though it has taken me almost a year to get it together and sew on the handles... oy. 
these green leather handles are the perfect accent (hand-stitched on with heavy-weight blue thread). and, as an improvement the real thing... these handles are long enough to fit over your shoulder!

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