Monday, November 9, 2009

penelope takes manhattan

we spent this past weekend in new york city, to celebrate my husband's birthday and to spend some time with theresa. theresa has always wanted a "little yellow puppy" so we couldn't resist taking penelope on the road trip...

definitely an adventure. walks were a challenge, with literally EVERY passer-by stopping to pet and coo, but worth it when one such admirer was JONATHAN ADLER and his pup, liberachi. ah, if only i had had enough guts to ask if he needed a PVD based assistant. next time.

my mom and i took theresa to see "shrek, the musical" and it was a thrill. the costumes, music, acting, humor- wonderful. and just so special to share a first like that with theresa. 
a wonderful friend hooked up us with a backstage tour afterwards, which was the icing on top- being able to see all the sets and costumes up close... not to mention being able to meet the phenomenal actors and actresses!

i love a good visit to the city, but it leaves me wiped. nellie feels the same way. 
we took it slow this morning.

happy monday!


Orchard Cove Photography said...

So so sweet :) Glad she survived her first visit to the big city!

ashley said...

hi! so i just looked at your blog for forevs and i feel like i know you! there are so many good things here and i really want to come to that crazy rummage sale in which you got way to many amazing things for oh-so-cheap. amazing.
thanks for the kind comment on my blog and you better bet that i will make some lil shaka's and have them on etsy or something if you really want some. ;)

Sarah said...

thanks, ashley!
yes, the rummage sale is truly AH-MAZ-ING.
let me know when those shakas are up on etsy... you've got me for at least 2 hair thingys and 3 pins!
my xmas shopping list thanks you!

rikshaw design said...

ok..why has it taken me so long to find your blog!! i want to snuggle with nellis..gotta get another one for me and jumby..they are the CUTEST EVER!